TEDxCam Hackathon 2010, team Hackattack: Investment trends from Silicon Valley to Somalia

The team chose to MASH data from the lofty finances of Silicon Valley (the Crunchbase API) to the frugal borrowings of the 3rd world (the Kiva dataset). Using our finance explorer application, you can (i) find the most successful sectors in each investment universe, and (ii) compare the investment trends over time across their sectors. Hearts pounded as we raced against the clock to build and complete inside 7 hours a full-blown data exploration tool that rested precariously upon the unexpected technical challenge of retrieving the information for 38,000 companies and 190,000 loans over an intermittent internet connection. The MASH was hugely entertaining in its technical and interpersonal testing of a team of 7 hackers and programmers.

From the team, thanks to Dawson and CongCong for all their hard work!